Sessions with Mary: 

Distance Energy Healing session with Mary ………..$55.00 *

  •  1/2 hour session over the phone: see testimonies for some of her miraculous results


Reconnective Healing……………………………..  $95.00 hour session ($55.00/  1/2 hr.)

One session that usually results in physical, mental or spiritual healing to the extent one needs by connecting with Universal energies*.

The Reconnection…………………………………….  $333.00

Two 1 hour sessions that uses Reconnective frequencies to unlock and open one to their true life’s purpose. Most clients develop a truer connection to their intuition, the Universe and their true intent and purpose in life*. $333.00 is charged for The Reconnection because the number 333 is a divine number that ties us to the God/Love/Universe and connotes mind, body and spirit. Throughout history 3-6-9 numerology is often associated with healing, mastery and completeness.  (payment plans available)* * Results vary from patient to patient and is dependent on whatever the Universe/God/Source energies have in store for the individual.


Sessions with Dr. Dave:

Hypnotherapy  with Dr. Dave (Individual session)……$ 95.00

Group Hypnotherapy sessions in weight-loss, smoking cessation or Past-Life Regressions   (based on size of group)……………………………………….$35.00 to $55.00 pp


Get an autographed and blessed copy of:

Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life

     Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life by Mary ‘Divine’ and Dr. Dave DiSano is a complete guide and education in New Age/ Metaphysics that connects spirituality and science in a true-life story unlike any ever told.  It will captivate, inspire, and transform all that read it. There are causes to illness that doctors are unaware of, and clergy are unwilling to discuss, however, Mary and Dr. Dave open the reader to worlds they may never have considered in Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life. The book thoroughly explores non-traditional causes (and cures) to physical and mental illness with a captivating personal healing and transformation journey by the authors. It is a true-life story of living through entity possession that caused physical and mental illness, and of being healed by shamans, psychics and avatars that resulted in Mary being transformed into an inspirational and amazing healer herself. Divinely Touched is a story of personal transformation. It chronicles Mary’s spiritual awakening. How she was divinely saved, led and transformed: From the depths of depression; From battles with physical ailments for which the medical profession had no explanations; From being led into worlds she never knew existed; How she survived being taken to the underworld;  Possessed by negative entities;  Was guided and healed by light-workers, shamans, and avatars from this world and the spirit dimension, and led on a journey of personal, physical, mental, and spiritual healing.  Mary’s experience, like that of a caterpillar when transformed into a beautiful butterfly, is one that will inspire, enlighten and transform your life as well. Dr. Dave uses science, research and “knowledge of the ages” to explain what Mary experienced, and open worlds to the reader that they may never have imagined!  Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life can, in fact, do just that!

“With painstaking detail Mary describes her decent into darkness and her triumphant return.  Like Margaret Starbird, in the Goddess in the Gospels, who also has a spiritual awakening that took her into the realms of psychosis, Mary describes a similar personal decent into darkness before bursting forth into spiritual awareness. Inside you will find a compelling story that may help you or someone you love.” ~  Maureen St. Germain, author of   Beyond the Flower of Life  & You Are the Genie in the Bottle

“The world is waiting for this powerful story of good vs. evil. Mary’s story is amazing, compelling, eye-opening and courageous. Her faith has carried her through the darkness into the light. She is God’s instrument and truly a living expression of Divine light flowing forth into the world.  Divinely Touched is a must read and you won’t want to put it down. It will blow your mind!” ~ Pat Hastings,  Author of  Simply a Woman of Faith: How to Live in Spiritual Power and Transform Your Life

“Mary’s amazing story will capture your interest and touch your heart. You will be inspired to move forward on your own journey of awakening.” ~  Andrew Oser,  author of  How Alternation Can Change Your Life

“Divinely Touched  is a wonderful book that documents  an impassioned and  heartfelt account of the pitfalls and triumphs of personal awakening.” ~   Dr. Michael Sharp  Author of  The Great Awakening,   The Book of Light,   The Book of Love,   The Dossier of Ascension

     Divinely Touched is a true-life story of physical, mental and spiritual transformation that connects religion, spirituality, New Age and science. Published through Hay House‘s Balboa Press Division, by Mary ‘Divine’ and Dr. Dave DiSano, Divinely Touched, chronicles Mary’s healing and spiritual journey through the New Age and metaphysical worlds. Dr. Dave explains and connects what Mary experienced with scientific research and documentation on phenomenon such as telepathy, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, entity possession, the spirit dimension and quantum physics.   Divinely Touched will inspire, enlighten and transform your life as well!

Divinely Touched:  20% off retail……… $19.99     Add to Cart


Holistic Mental Health-Revised

     By Dr. Dave DiSano Holistic Mental Health-Revised is a thorough comparison of alternative treatments with traditional medications for mental disorders. It offers holistic alternatives for disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and even migraines. Dr. Dave offers current research, data and specifics on alternatives for each disorder. This revised edition has a new chapter on Spiritual Healing as well, discussing a prelude to Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life.

Retail price: $20.95

Divinely Touched discounted price:   $14.99    Add to Cart



     Mary takes you through a Healing & Clearing/ Protection meditation, that will relax, heal and protect you with divine energies!  Background music by Ted Platt  ……………$5.00       


     Dr. Dave first describes different kinds of meditation, and how to meditate, then takes you on a relaxing guided meditation!  With background music by Ted Platt  …………….$5.00

Dr. Dave’s CD


Mary’s CD

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