Distance Healings:

“I had a neck ache that turned into a headache that was bothering me for days. Mary did a long distance healing on me and immediately I saw a purple web around me that turned into a green light, and just as instantly all the pain left my neck and head! Mary is amazing!”                                                              ~   Patricia,  Providence, RI

“I had an open ulcer on my toe that my doctor told me I needed to have surgery on, he was planning to amputate my toe because infection had spread to the bone.  The next night I woke up hearing a voice saying “Mary-cle” (like miracle) is what I needed. I called Mary and she did a distance healing on me.  A week later when I went for a pre-surgery conference 4 days before my scheduled surgery, my doctor said in disbelief that my ulcer was healed! I didn’t need the surgery anymore!  Mary was certainly my “Miracle!”      ~  Carol, Warwick, RI 

“I had severe pain and numbness in my legs; to the point where I could not walk.  I had no relief from pain meds.  I called Mary and over the phone she did a half-hour distance healing on me where all my pain disappeared and I was able to walk again!  Mary is truly amazing  no matter where she is!”  ~  Claudette,  Orlando, FL


                         Cathy's Bruise1                                       Cathy's Bruise2

                     Cathy’s Arm Before                             Cathy’s Arm After Distance Healing

“I had just had shoulder surgery and my arm was in great pain to where I couldn’t sleep the night before; I couldn’t drive, so I called Mary for a distance healing. As soon as she began I felt a calm come over my body, the pain in my shoulder decreased greatly. I couldn’t believe it! Hours later the bruise on my was nearly gone; I had a very restful relaxing sleep that night!   ~  Cathy,  Jamestown, RI

In-Person Healings:

“It was Divine Intervention that I met Mary while vacationing at my condo in the West Palm Beach area. Having been on an over 4 year health quest since loosing everything in Super Storm Sandy, energy work was a tool I was using and familiar with as a health educator, personal trainer and massage therapist. I had read Dr. Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection, over 15 years ago but never found a practitioner near me until now.
Mary is the personification of Love. Her confidence and commitment to her healing work is profound and powerful. Each session brought me new insights, energy and healings. Rashes disappeared, intense itching ceased, vitality returned. Swelling in my wrist, which was broken in 2 places only 4 months prior, was drastically reduced and my range of motion increased. By the time I left Florida, in mid-March, I was able to do half push ups and hold plank position for one minute. Everyone’s experience is different. The great news is that it is extremely affordable and only requires 1 to 3 treatments maximum. Energy Medicine is our future and Mary is our “present.” Reconnection is the gift that keeps on giving.”    ~ Pegeen, West Palm Beach, FL

“I had gone to Mary a few months back for a healing and found it very relaxing. I went back when I was having issues with my neck, where I was unable to turn it to the right at all and was planning on going to a chiropractor (which would have been more costly as I am self-employed!).  To my amazement, in one session with Mary, all the pain and stiffness in my neck disappeared! I could fully turn it as if nothing was bothering it!  ~  Mary Jo, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I’m a competitive racquetball player that was having extreme pain in my shoulder that was even keeping me awake at night. Mary did one healing on me and the pain went away, I was able to sleep at night and even play in a tournament the next week!”     ~ Bonnie, West Palm Beach, FL

“Mary is a visionary! A being wise beyond her time! Her healing techniques are not only powerful, but truly transformative. My healing journey rapidly progressed after working with Mary. I am truly grateful to this beautiful divine being for her energy, light, and divine love!”   ~ Toni Marie, Intuitive Emotional Support Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor

“MIRACLE HEALING! My father had stage 4 cancer and was given 3 months to live as his doctors told him there was nothing else they could do. Even though I’m a Reiki Master my healings had no effect. I met Mary in a yoga class and asked her to try a healing on my father. Mary did 3 healings on him and on his 3 month check-up he was completely clear of cancer! Thank you Mary you are ‘Divine!’ (2 years later; still completely clear)” ~  Bonnie, East Greenwich, RI 

“During the session, I experienced an intense warmth and tingling throughout my entire body.  I have a serious back injury and during the treatment, my back pain felt more like a moving sensation shooting out from the left and right than prior pain.  I saw an image of angel wings sprouting from the spot of my injury and the feeling I got was that of an overwhelming love.  For several days after the treatment, I continued to feel the sensation moving through my back and my back pain is less overall.  I also feel less stressed and worried;  things that would have previously triggered me to become angry, stressed or anxious no longer seem to bother me.  This is a very great gift.  Mary is gifted and amazing.  I feel blessed and grateful to have had this experience.”    ~    Chelsea,  Warwick, RI  

“After having dental work done over the last two weeks, my TMJ and nerve endings were severely affected leaving me in horrendous pain that Tylenol and Advil wouldn’t touch. Mary saved the day and did a ten minute healing on me. Within a couple of hours the pain miraculously lifted, and I was able to function. This confirmed to me that there are other ways to heal other than doctors and drugs. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mary Divine for your compassion, love and light!”   ~ Lu, Smithfield,  RI

“Thank you so much Mary!  It is difficult for me to express how grateful I am to what you did for me! I had fallen down ten stairs at my shop, dislocating my shoulder; it was swollen and I was unable to raise it. I was about to go to the ER which would have cost me plenty, as I am self-employed with no insurance, and as “fate” would have it you came in and did a healing on me, and the swelling went down, I heard a “pop” and my shoulder went back in place, and I could fully lift and rotate my arm with no pain! You are truly amazing! Thank you again!”     ~ Maria,  Pawtucket, RI

“WOW — INCREDIBLE!  Prior to open heart surgery to shave off part of my heart, which was blocking a valve, and to heal a hole in my aorta, I went to Mary for a Reconnection during which I felt tingling and after which I felt great. It worked so well that after surgery I was released from the hospital in 4 days even though the doctors had thought I’d have to be hospitalized for 10 to 14 days to get well enough to be released. When I came home, I asked Mary for another healing of the ribs they had to break to reach my heart and while she was doing it, I felt the intense pain in one area break up and move and as a result, even though the doctors said it would take 2 months to be well enough to work at all, in 2 weeks, I was able to work part time. I wish everyone could avail themselves of Mary’s healing gift and technique.”         ~ John David, Johnston, RI

“I had just had hip surgery and was in the hospital in great pain, still unable to walk. Mary came in and did a healing that made me so relaxed I immediately feel into a restful sleep for two hours. When I awoke, to my amazement the pain was gone and I was able to walk pain free! My doctors were also amazed!”      ~ Beatrice,  East Providence,  RI

“My doctor was watching a small tumor that he wanted me to have surgery to remove it. After one healing with Mary the tumor was gone to my doctor’s disbelief! Mary is truly amazing!”    ~  Joan,  North Attleboro, MA

“I had a Reconnection from Mary that was one of the most incredible experiences in my life! When Mary started I felt amazing heat from her hands, as she moved around me I felt the presence of others working on me at the same time. I had visions of Jesus and Mother Mary in the room and as she continued I was transported to a heavenly dimension with translucent beings, huge butterflies and amazing colors everywhere. I had never experienced more peace and love in my life! When it was over I was also pain free (I hadn’t even told her that I had been experiencing back pain).  I can’t thank Mary enough for what I had experienced!”          ~ Karen, Warwick, RI

“I was having incredible pain from my lower jaw as it was becoming more misaligned with my upper jaw. My teeth were not aligned making it even difficult for me to talk correctly. I was looking into to surgery to correct the problem. To my amazement after one healing session with Mary my teeth and jaw became completely realigned, the pain was gone, and I could talk correctly again! Mary is truly God’s gift to healing!”     ~ J. Corey,  Providence, RI

“My reconnection with Mary was one of the most peaceful and nurturing spiritual experiences that I have ever encountered. During the reconnection I was in such a deep state of relaxation I had visions of being with Jesus and I had past life experiences.  I have never felt more connected to my core and the universal source.”    ~ Heidi, Cranston, RI

“I had a healing experience with Mary that was incredible. I had an ovarian cyst that my doctor was going to remove; that disappeared after my healing. I had also been on headache medication that I stopped a few days after my healing, and they never returned! It didn’t take me long to figure out how all this happened. Mary is truly amazing!      ~  Margret,  Dover, NH

“After one session with Mary my knees were pain free; I could walk up and down stairs normally again!”  ~ Marlene, Coventry, RI

“I felt like I was floating and had an incredible feeling of well-being; that of being totally cleaned out, when Mary was working with me.”      ~  Lorraine, Johnston,  RI

“I had a reacurring problem with my knee from an old Karate injury that I thought I was going to have to have surgery to clean out the damaged tissue. There was a golf ball size mass of tissue I could move around my knee.  It was becoming painful and difficult to walk. After one healing session with Mary all the pain and swelling went away, the mass of tissue on my knee completely disappeared!  It has not bothered me since.  It was amazing!”        ~ Dave,  Providence, RI

“After my Reconnection my life began turning around; everything seemed to start falling in place in my life. I can not thank Mary more!”      ~  Sean, Attleboro,  MA

“My Shoulder  was pain free after one session with Mary; I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep!”   ~  Glen,  Cranston,  RI

“I saw all sorts of colors during my reconnection; I had an incredible sense of calm; and that very day my business started to turn around”   ~  Claudia,   Coventry, RI

” My pain (from cystic fibrosis) went from 90% of the time to 10% of the time within a week of my reconnection.”   ~  Andrea,  West Warwick, RI

“I never felt so much energy all around me as when Mary was working over me; I felt like I was levitating.”         ~  Joe, Coventry, RI

“After the first day of my Reconnection, a friend made me question the whole process; he said it was all a big scam; I asked God to show me a sign as to who was right; I didn’t see anything extraordinary all day and was going to bed feeling perhaps that he was right, before shutting off the TV the daily numbers came out (CT: 4/18/09) first number caught my attention because it was 3, the next number was 3,  and I thought to myself if the final number is 3 (333 !) then Mary is right, the next number was 3! I went to bed elated!”      ~ Barbara, Wethersfield, CT

“I had knee surgery and two months after the operation I was still unable to bend my knee and it was swollen. I was also worried that I had to start working extra days (in my waitress job) because my manager was going on vacation for a week.  Mary did one healing on me; after she was finished the swelling around my knee immediately went down; I had no more pain; and I could finally bend my knee! I cancelled my doctor’s appointment”.      ~  Joanne,  Providence,  RI

“I had been wheel-chair bound for the past 8 years; not able to stand up on my own without help from my husband or son.  After one healing with Mary I was able to stand on my own without assistance!”        ~  Bernice,  Johnston,  RI

“After one healing with Mary I didn’t need to use my walker anymore. I was able to walk on my own, it had been years since I could do that!  Mary is truly God’s Gift!”    ~ Norma, Scituate, RI

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