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Light-Workers Are Under Attack!

By Mary DiSano


2016 was not a good year.  And when checking with quite a few of my fellow Light-Workers I was not alone.  By Light-Worker I include shamans, psychics, and energy healers such as Reiki Masters and Reconnective (like me) healers.

In my case 2016 began with my symptoms returning.  I had intense bloating in my abdomen,  my skin was dry, flaky with blemishes on my face, I felt like a ton of bricks were on top of me, I had extreme exhaustion, pain in my teeth (that would move around my mouth) and jolts of energy going through my body often shaking me awake at night.  Of course few people knew this, I still keep my healing appointments, my clients still experienced miraculous healings, and I and Dr. Dave still conducted our seminars all over the country.  However, I often had difficulty getting out of bed between appointments. And, still being caught up in our modern American medical society (I should have known better) I went for tests to make sure there were no physical causes to my symptoms.

This time I went to a MD that was also a doctor of Oriental Medicine.  She put me through the usual tests; blood tests, EKG’s, CAT scans and Ultrasounds. Of course all the tests came back fine, no abdominal blockages, no tumors, nothing wrong with my blood tests.  She determined I “could have” an intestinal yeast infection and put me on a strict diet for the next 6 months of taking special supplements, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, and 225 billion of probiotics per day (I’m also a vegetarian).   And after close to $10,000.00 in out of pocket costs (thank you American healthcare!) my symptoms were unchanged, and even worse in December.

Fortunately, I am blessed to have experience in other causes for physical and mental illness ( the topic of my book; Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life) and a network of alternative healers and Light-Workers that were able to keep me out of the hospital and running up even more expenses in unnecessary tests and treatments. Using my contacts I started checking with some very reliable psychics and shamans.  Kerrie O’Connor confirmed what I had been feeling.  She told me she was under attack as well. That there is a significant battle going on with the forces of darkness attacking and trying to keep Light-Workers down.  I found that the more gifted the healer or psychic is, the more they have been under attack.

Again I would like to stress that this was not just me, or a few isolated cases. It was with every extraordinary healer or shaman or psychic I knew.  I had others tell of hospitalizations, losing weeks and months out of work, and a host of unexplained physical symptoms or even bouts with depression.  Using my network of contacts I was able to get healings from some amazing shamans and even a visiting shaman from Peru, who said he released a lot of “heavy energy” from me.  I was led to Dr. and Master Sha who has written several books on healing using Chinese meditation practices.  I highly recommend his Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies (2013).  In addition to getting this book my book, Divinely Touched  has specific healing and clearing prayers that I began using again.

If you are a Light-Worker and are experiencing any unusual illness I would recommend:

Ø Use a protection prayer before doing a healing or reading.

Ø  Daily clearing and healing meditations.

Ø Be very aware of what you are attracting; is it positive or negative? Stay away from negative influences like critical and negative people or the evening news!

Ø Use other Light-Workers to help you release negative energies in and around you.

I found that the power of belief is still critical in one’s healing, and that is where the daily meditations and protection prayers will counteract any negative entities trying to “pull you down.”  As my beloved Rev. Ian Taylor is so fond of saying, “You don’t go into a room and add darkness, but you can add light. Light dispels darkness!”  Keep adding the light and the darkness will pass, as the Divine is in fact the highest and purest form of light energy!

Connect to that infinite source of Divine energy when you meditate and pray, it will clear away the darkness.  Remember you are not alone in your practice. There are thousands of Light-Workers on this planet now performing thousands of healing miracles daily. Our planet is entering a new era of moving into ascension into the Light.  This is why Dark Forces are trying to keep us down.  However, there is no force greater than the Divine-God-Source. When you connect with that energy nothing will keep you down!